Do I need to be FIRB approved?2021-02-23T14:18:44+10:00


What are annual council rates costs per year?2021-03-01T15:32:38+10:00

Please contact Gold Coast City Council for enquiries on estimated rates charges.

Is it freehold or leasehold?2021-03-01T15:15:02+10:00


Is there a sunset clause?2021-02-17T09:57:11+10:00

5 years from contract date.

What building warranties are you offering and what does it cover?2021-02-17T09:59:37+10:00

All statutory warranties will be offered on building items.

How much is the initial deposit?2021-03-01T15:23:10+10:00

0.25% required at signing of contract and balance of 10% when unconditional.

Can I build a jetty on the water’s edge?2021-02-17T10:02:00+10:00


Is there bike storage in the basement?2021-02-17T10:02:07+10:00


Are there visitor car spaces provided in the basement?2021-02-17T10:03:16+10:00

No, visitors to park in the village public car park opposite.

Will there be power provided in the basement to charge my buggy/electric car?2021-02-17T10:09:12+10:00

Yes, each unit will have a GPO provided within their car space allocation. Mulpha is investigating options to have provisions for a number of fast charging stations to be provided in the basement.

Can I make modifications to the design or change materials/appliances?2021-02-17T10:11:20+10:00

Substantial changes to the design is permissible early on in the sales process and before the builder orders materials. Mulpha will request a 20% deposit. A list of available upgrades will be available with the buyer able to change materials or colours early in the sales process.

How has the project addressed sustainability?2021-02-17T10:12:11+10:00

Solar power will be provided to power all common areas with battery provision available also. All light fittings have been selected that minimises power. Native, hardy plants have been selected where possible to reduce irrigation requirements.

What acoustic attenuation has been allowed for?2021-02-17T10:15:03+10:00

All glazing through the project will reduce heat absorption and noise above National Construction Code standards.

Do all areas have air conditioning?2021-02-17T10:17:36+10:00

Fully ducted air conditioning is provided to all residences as standard along with ceiling fans to rooms.

Can we do short term leases?2021-02-17T10:18:38+10:00

Minimum lease period of 42 days is permitted for all residences.

What will the body corporate levies be?2021-02-17T10:19:31+10:00

Body corporate levies will relate solely to the Harbour One project including Sanctuary Cove security services. Levies will be approximately $5,500 – $6,500 per annum.

Who will be responsible for the body corporate management?2021-02-17T10:21:40+10:00

Body corporate services will be provided by an independent body corporate management company.

What upgrades are offered?2021-02-17T10:22:48+10:00

A number of alternate floor finishes will be available along with smart home features.

How many colour schemes are provided?2021-02-17T10:23:10+10:00

There is a light and dark scheme available which is shown within the sales display.

Are pets allowed?2021-02-17T10:32:05+10:00

Yes, a maximum of 2 x pets are allowed per property.

What facilities are offered in the project?2021-02-17T10:32:20+10:00

The project provides central landscape zones. There are no additional facilities within the project however Sanctuary Cove residents will have access to the lagoon pool at the Sanctuary Cove InterContinental and can obtain paid memberships to the Country Club and Golf clubs.

Are any of the residences DDA compliant?2021-02-17T10:32:45+10:00

No, however arrangements can be made to accommodate during the early sales phase of the project subject to Mulpha agreement.

What security is provided in Harbour One?2021-02-17T10:33:22+10:00

Security cameras, swipe card access within the internal common areas and panic buttons directing back to Sanctuary Cove Security within the residences will be provided.

What appliances are provided as standard?2021-02-17T10:34:36+10:00

Dryer, under bench wine fridge, integrated fridge, dish washer, speed oven, oven cooktop/rangehood, filtered chilled and hot water. Additionally, intercom system and panic buttons within the living room and master ensuite.

How many car spaces & buggy spaces are provided for each residence within Stage 1?2021-03-01T15:27:25+10:00

Each residence will receive 3 x vehicle spaces within the basement.

Is the basement secured?2021-02-17T10:48:54+10:00


What is the basement height?2021-02-17T10:49:11+10:00


Will there be an onsite concierge or building manager?2021-02-17T10:46:53+10:00

No, body corporate will manage all building related enquiries.

Is there a leasing agent for the building?2021-02-17T10:51:16+10:00

No, buyers can choose which real estate agent they wish to engage to lease out their property.

Who is the builder?2021-02-17T10:51:34+10:00

Mulpha are currently finalising contract negotiations with the builder who has extensive experience in building quality premium residential buildings within SEQ.

Will curtains/blinds be included within my purchase?2021-03-01T15:20:29+10:00

Buyers are to arrange their own supplier. Mulpha require the window fittings to a light grey shade to ensure the building facade design integrity is maintained.

What colour will the building glazing be?2021-02-17T10:52:49+10:00

Grey coloured glass to minimise heat and glare to residences.

Will gas be available?2021-03-01T15:25:04+10:00

Yes, town gas will be provided.

Will there be NBN available?2021-02-17T10:54:50+10:00

Yes, NBN infrastructure is provided to each residence. Each premise will have a network termination device (NTD) installed with fibre optic cable to the boundary of the project. It is up to the buyer to arrange a connection and supplier for internet/phone services.

Are the residences metered?2021-02-17T10:55:24+10:00

Yes, each residence will have water and electricity metres located within a central cupboard.

What TV points are provided?2021-02-17T10:55:52+10:00

Free to air TV points will be supplied to the living area, media room, master bedroom and 2nd & 3rd bedrooms.

PAY TV points2021-02-17T10:56:16+10:00

Supplied to living area, media room and master bedroom.

Data points2021-02-17T10:57:06+10:00

Outlet provided to living area (adjacent TV), kitchen, multi-purpose room, master bedroom, 2nd & 3rd bedroom and study (where applicable).

Is a video/audio intercom system supplied?2021-02-17T11:02:34+10:00

Yes, a central visitor IP video/audio intercom system shall control all pedestrian entry points, lifts and entry doors into each lobby for the buildings. The system will control visitor pedestrian, vehicle and lift points of entry.
The system will:

  • Enable a video image view of the visitor at the entry.
  • Transmit two- way audio between the visitor and resident.
  • Enable to control lifts and entry doors.
Are there garbage chutes on each level?2021-02-17T11:04:06+10:00

No, garbage will be required to be taken down to the basement bin storage location.

Are there security screens provided?2021-02-17T11:04:37+10:00

Yes, to all ground floor residences. Fly screens will be provided to upper levels.

Where will mail and parcels be delivered?2021-02-17T11:11:04+10:00

There will be a mailbox at the main entry to the building. Over sized parcels can be collected from Australia Post within the Marina Village located within the newsagency.

Who is the electricity provider?2021-03-01T15:29:28+10:00

The buyer has the choice of retail energy plan provider.

What are the internal residence ceiling heights?2021-02-17T11:11:43+10:00

All rooms except for pantry/laundry and bathrooms are 2.6m in height.

Annual service costs for lifts2021-02-17T11:12:40+10:00

Approx $8,000 per annum for buildings east and north. Residences of Harbour One Terrace Villas will be responsible for their own lift repairs and maintenance.

Water & electricity metering2021-02-17T11:14:48+10:00

All residences will be independently metered. Common areas and basement water & power usage will be apportioned as per the Schedule of Lot Entitlement & Levies.

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